Make your dog’s life better with these accessories

Make your dog’s life better with these accessories

Having a pet takes up a lot of responsibility. You have to take care of your pet, just like you would take care of a baby of your own. You need to show that you love them and their company. You need to make your buddy feel safe and of course, provide the necessary things for him/her to live well. Apart from food, water, and health care, dogs like having a kind of more luxurious life. They enjoy being treated well and with the latest technological advancements, you can give your dog the life he/she deserves.




Clothes, towels, specially designed little beds, perfumes, collars, leashes, special shampoos, and toys. All these things belong to the dog accessories list. It’s not that dogs can’t live without them but all these are vital to help your dog live a happier life. As mentioned before, dogs like a luxurious lifestyle. You won’t see a dog being sad when he is clean, has toys to play with, smells good, and has his own bed. 


With all the advancements we’ve seen in the latest years in terms of pet health care and through certain studies which have been conducted to find out more about what’s best for your dog, an increasing number of products have begun to rise to the surface that can give your pet a big smile. In this article, we’ll discover the 5 most ideal dog accessories that come at an affordable price which will bring joy to your dog. We’ll also see where you can find each one of them.


  1. Hands-Free Leash


    A hands-free leash, as the name suggests, is a leash that can keep your dog close to you when you’re going for a walk while keeping your hands free to use. These are specially designed leashes that you can tie on your waist, as you go for a walk with your dog. The reason many people prefer hands-free leashes instead of regular leashes is that both hands are free allowing them to hold a coffee or maybe plastic bags for the dog’s waste. Thus, in case your dog is a little bit stronger, you have twice as much resistance as you can because you use your whole body. Through the MiiBuddy online store, you can buy the hands-free leash shown in the picture above. Apart from the fact that you have your hands free, with its flexibility, your dog is allowed to move further away and still be in control. Visit MiiBuddy’s store right now and make you and your dog’s life easier with this hands-free leash.

  2. MiiBuddy Winter Jacket


    Dogs can get cold too. Yes, they have fur that prevents them from freezing to death, but when the strong winds of winter come, dogs get cold, especially when they don’t have an insurmountable amount of fur to keep them warm. The best way to keep your dog warm is by giving him a jacket to wear. MiiBuddy has a specially designed winter jacket, which can be worn while they sleep or when you are on a walk and it’s freezing outside. It’s made of waterproof material, which in case of rain, keeps most parts of your dog clean. It’s easy to clean, comfortable, and keeps your dog warm. This is one of the most ideal pet accessories so if you live in places with heavy winters and regular freezing weather, then jump right here to MiiBuddy’s online store and make sure your dog is warm.

  3. Portable Water Bottle


    If you and your dog enjoy going for long walks, then you may be dealing with problems such as hydration. Instead of bringing  a small cup along, you can instead make this portable water bottle yours and make your life easier. It’s small, but you can still put enough water in it to keep your dog from being thirsty. It’s also a lot more convenient than having to grab a cup on the way out. Put water in the bottle and press the button in the middle to allow water to come in the mini cup. Fast, clean, hygienic, and easy. Go to MiiBuddy’s online store now and make it yours.

  4. Portable & Foldable Dog Bowl


    Just like you can use a portable water bottle to keep your dog from becoming thirsty during long walks, you can also take  this portable/foldable dog bowl with you, to make sure your dog is full. This is more suitable for long trips, vacations, or picnics. You can fold it and turn it into a straight plate so it takes as little space as possible. You can also tie it onto your pants. It’s small, easy to use, and keeps your dog’s food clean. Check it out now on MiiBuddy’s online store.

  5. Dog Backpack (for small dogs)


    This is an accessory which could prove particularly useful for small dog owners. Small dogs usually get tired easier than the bigger ones. They have tinier legs so they put in more work as they need to walk faster. In cases like this, having a dog backpack like the one shown above can give your little doggy rest. Other cases that this backpack can be helpful include situations when the ground is too hot for their paws or if it starts raining. Just grab him/her, put them in the backpack, and continue your walk. It is very comfortable for dogs and can make you and your dog’s life a little bit easier. However, as mentioned before, this is an ideal pet accessory for small dogs only.



All the accessories mentioned in this article can be seen on MiiBuddy’s online store. They don’t belong in the category of vital products for a dog’s survival, but they provide comfort and convenience, and to be fair, who doesn’t like comfort and convenience. If you find any of these accessories appealing enough, or if you think that your dog needs this, then don’t neglect it. Get your dog whatever he needs and enjoy it together.