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Our Mission

Our passion for design, quality and sustainability led to the development of the first and unique dog harness in the world that really works good. Our high quality harness have been designed and produced under constant supervision of ArtemisPawยฎ.

Our products are manufactured with respect for humans and dogs. We love our animals and want them to be happy.

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ArtemisPaw's customer service is so much better than the customer service of any other company I have purchased from. The quality is just beyond anything I've ever seen. The harness has lasted 1 year now and my dog is really not the most careful. I am and will remain a loyal customer!


Out for a walk using ArtmeisPaw's Harness! Woohoo. Thanks for this amazing purchase. I can recommend the Harness to everybody. Really good quality and my dog loves it!


I purchased from ArtemisPaw in December 2021 to buy a new harness for my dog. The harness arrived quite fast and the it makes a very good impression. It is very well made, fits my dog good and is very comfortable for him. We are ready to go out now!


It's easy to put on and take off. Quality is a solid 5 stars and it is everything that is advertised with this product. Plus the fact that you can personalize it is awesome.