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Dogs are easily bored. There are thousands, if not millions, of ways to keep them entertained so that they won’t proceed to their destructive behaviors such as exaggerated chewing of household objects, digging, and destruction of things that are reachable to them. In this article, we will provide a list of great dog activities that you can do with them.


Lady and dog with tablet

Our dogs aren’t just great companions while we are sitting on the sofa using technology or binge watching TV episodes, they’re also great as a fitness buddy. According to research, dog owners are more likely to be healthier than non-dog owners because they tend to be more physically active. Dogs are essentially hunters, chasers, runners, and overall active animals prior domestication so we shouldn’t restrict them from doing physical activities. Thus, both you and your dog need to be active for health reasons.

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Apart from the physical health benefits that you can gain, it can also improve your mental health well-being. Active participation in physical activities like jogging, running, and even walking can reduce stress and anxiety. On the side of your dog, they are less likely to show bad behaviors because physical activities help in balancing the excess energy that they have.


Physical Activities to Get You and Your Dog Moving

  1. Hit the waves on the swimming pool:
    Dogs are natural swimmers. However, you need to consider the swimming pool that you and your dog are going to swim on. Chlorine water is safe for dogs as long as they won't swim on it on a daily basis. However, swimming on the beach should be avoided as much as possible because drinking saltwater is not safe for dogs. As an alternative, a big inflatable pool can also be used especially if you want kids to join in the fun.
    Dog in a swimming pool
  2. Sign up for a Dog-friendly Yoga class:

    Yes, dog yoga classes exist and they’re actually called Doga. This hybrid yoga class started in 2001 and the popularity goes bigger and bigger each year. Doga gives an opportunity to dogs and their owners to enrich their bond together through this exercise and meditation. If you are unable to go out but still interested to do this activity, you can sign up for online classes or simply search for Doga guides on the internet.Lady and dog yoga

  3. Go Treasure Hunting:
    This is a great activity if you have kids with you but with or without kids, this activity is fun. This type of activity is mentally stimulating for your dog since they’re using their senses here especially their sense of smell so it’s also a scentwork activity. This rewarding activity can be fun inside the house or around the backyard. For more challenge, you can also do it in a non-crowded dog park.Dog running in a park

  4. Take a Trip to the Beach and Run:
    What’s better than a road trip to the beach with your favorite pet and running after? You may not be able to hit the beach waves because your dog is not allowed in the saltwater, but you’re still allowed to play in the sand and run with them. Unwind and relax, forget about your problems for a while and think about the current moment that the two of you are having.Dog playing at a beach

  5. Play games on the backyard:
    You don’t have to travel far in order to have fun with your loyal companion. Even a simple trip to the backyard with various activities can still be fun. Play fetch, frisbee games, set up an obstacle course, tug-of-war, and many more! The possibilities are pretty much endless.Dog playing fetch

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    Have Fun and Play!

    There are so many advantages of being a pet owner. Apart from being less lonely because you have a furry companion with you, it also benefits your overall well-being: physical health, mental health, emotional health, and psychological health. We’re sure that your dog is lucky to have you as well so have fun and play with your dog with all these great dog activities.

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