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April 10, 2021

There are various ways which you can use to keep your dog active. Either through indoor or outdoor games. Both ways are beneficial when trying to keep your dog active.

In any event, when you and your dog end up stuck inside the house, there are a lot of choices to keep the both of you active. Dogs need to work out, regardless of what's keeping them cooped up inside, which implies owners need to get innovative in order to hold their little guys and themselves back from becoming bored.


More so, we know dogs are frequently rather energetic animals and exercise is the ideal route for them to have abundant energy. Practice is an indispensable piece of overall dog wellbeing. Various dogs have diverse exercise needs and you need to know which exercise is fit for your dog. It isn't generally the situation that the bigger the dog, the more exercise it needs.

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In this article, I will share with you how you can keep your dog active both with Indoor and Outdoor games.


Ways you can keep your dogs active with indoor games are:

  1. Hide and Seek
    Hide and seek is a great indoor game for dogs to stay active. Try playing hide and seek with a toy.

  2. Schedule a Dog playdate
    Give your dog a friend to play with. Invite a friend’s dog over for a play date to have some fun indoors. Playdates are a great way to socialize your dog and keep him/her active indoors.

  3. Play Fetch
    If your apartment is spacious enough, you can play fetch indoors with your pooch. You can use anything from balls and their other favourite toys.

  4. Teach your dog new tricks

    Learning a new trick can keep your dog’s body and mind active during winter. New tricks like “how to wave hands”. Don’t forget to reward your pooch after learning the new tricks.



Having mentioned how you can keep your dogs active with indoor games. I will share with you how to keep your dogs active with outdoor games most especially during summer.



These are the ways you can keep your Dog active with Outdoor games

  1. Hit the beach
    Some ocean beaches are dog-friendly and allow a canine companion to be off-leash during a certain period. Play Frisbee, dig to China or teach your dog to body surf.

  2. Take a hike
    There is no need to travel far before you hike with your canine; even a short hike at your closest state park provides great exercise and new scenery to appreciate. But check park regulations first to make sure your pup is allowed on the grounds.

  3. Visit the dog park
    Not only do dog parks provide excellent opportunities for socializing, but they also typically allow your pup plenty of space to exercise. And both you and your dog are likely to make new friends.

  4. Go camping
    Need a vacation? Try something different this summer by taking your dog to camp. There are several camps most especially overnight camping around the country that cater to canines and their humans.

  5. Go for a bike ride
    A healthy, active dog can burn off his/her seemingly endless energy by accompanying you on a bike ride. Make sure you make your dog accustomed to walking alongside the bike before you go for a long ride and bring along the appropriate leash and safety equipment.

    No matter where you live, how energetic you are, or how active your dog is, take advantage of the warmer weather and start living more of your life outdoors.

    Moreso, make your dog happy every day as you engage him/her with either indoor or outdoor games.
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