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We and our beloved furry pals have similar needs. So, this winter season, expect that they will shiver in this type of weather. Just because they have fur doesn’t mean that they don’t feel cold. In this article, we will feature a guide for keeping your dog warm, safe and secure both inside and outside your home.

A dog laying on a bed with his owner

It’s fine to do outdoor activities this winter together with your dog, but you need to consider their age, breed and overall health. However, dog experts always advise that dogs spend more time indoors and less time outdoors. Cold weather can increase the risk of disease and injury for dogs. It can trigger colds and flu for dogs and they are likely to get frostbite and hypothermia or low body temperature. The question of how to keep your dog warm this winter season doesn’t have a “one size fits all” answer, so the best thing that you can do is to consult your veterinarian first. Moreover, pay close attention to them and feed them right to keep them healthy. 

Dogs and humans may have different body temperatures, but they react to the weather in similar ways. Our furry pals are likely to behave differently depending on the temperature. Rain and snow, fluctuations in the temperature or other changes in the weather can affect their mood and energy. Dog behavior can vary depending on their breed and age. For example, breeds like Siberian huskies, Labradors and St. Bernards are well adapted to cold temperatures so they may react normally. On the other hand, single-coated dogs may react differently and may tend to resist performing outdoor activities under cold weather. Older dogs might slow down and become inactive since chilly temperatures may trigger arthritis in older dogs.

Ways of Keeping your Dog Warm and Safe Inside the House:

  1. Dog Apparel: Dress them warmly.
    Dogs can be dressed up, as long as you clothe them appropriately. Remember that this isn’t about the style of the clothes that you will choose for them but rather, it’s for their comfort and security. A winter dog sweater or jacket that covers them from tummy to tail is perfectly fine. It shouldn’t be tight especially around their armpits, groin and neck areas. Make sure that the jacket or sweater is a good fit for them by taking the measurements properly.  If your dog resists being dressed up, a warm blanket will be enough to keep your buddy warm.

    When washing the dog jacket or the blanket, make sure that you use a fragrance-free and hypoallergenic detergent as fragrances may irritate their nose.

    A dog whose attention is somewhere

  2. Warm bedding: Don’t let them sleep on the cold floor.

    Bedding is a very important aspect in making your dog feel warm in cold weather. You can use heated pet beds to ensure proper heat retention. Alternatively, a good blanket, towel or sheet can be a simple yet effective solution for keeping your dog warm.

    Make sure to regularly clean their beddings, especially blankets. Make sure to use fragrance-free and hypoallergenic cleaners for the safety of your dog.
    A dog sleeping in a blanket

  3. Feed them properly: A healthy dog is a happy dog.

    To keep up warmth and energy, it is important for your buddy to eat regularly on a good diet, especially during cold weather. A good diet appropriate for winter is based on whole foods such as pumpkin and lean meat (but make sure they are cooked and unseasoned) to ensure a healthy coat, as well as good energy levels. 

    A Dalmatian being fed

  4. Proper grooming: Take good care of their paws.

    Proper grooming is very important, cold weather or not. But during winter, it is VERY essential to take care of your pet’s paws as they can pick-up ice, snow and other toxic chemicals like deicers and antifreeze. These chemicals are very dangerous to your dog’s health especially when licked as they can swallow the poison. Moreover, the hair around their paws should be trimmed to prevent ice buildup. Always wipe their paws with a dry towel after your pet comes outside and check their pads regularly for injuries since ice and snow can cause cracks and bleeding.

    A good option for their safety would be dog booties, especially when they walk on snow. Just make sure that it’s the right fit for them and they’re comfortable in it.
    A cute dog focused on the camera

  5. Dog-friendly home: Make your house pet-proof

    Be careful of all the winter objects that are not dog-friendly lying around your home, especially when your dog is around things such as space heaters. Dogs can burn themselves or even tip over and may likely start a fire. Moreover, when you use heated pet beds in keeping your dog warm, always regulate the temperature as it may burn your dog’s skin. You also need to be careful of antifreeze and make sure it is stored somewhere unreachable for your dog. Antifreeze contains a chemical called ethylene glycol that is sweet (and most dogs find it tasty), but it has been proven to be fatal when swallowed even in small amounts.

    If your dog has its own shelter outside, make sure they’re comfortable and warm by providing them proper beddings and checking them regularly if they feel cold or not.
    A pug under a blanket

Winter Safety Tips Outside Your Home

Of course, you can’t just stay inside your home during the whole winter season. When going out,make sure that they’re not susceptible to the cold

If not, it’s better for them to stay indoors or you can alsoopt for a dog backpack to keep them warm and secure outside. ArtemisPaw offers a customizable dog backpack that can suit your dog’s needs and preferences. The backpacks are made of high-quality materials, so in that way you don’t have to worry about your dog’s safety. As long as it’s properly adjusted, it can be used to make your buddy feel safe, secure and comfortable anywhere you go with them this winter season. We also offer free shipping worldwide and a lifetime warranty when you order today. For more information about ArtemisPaw’s dog backpack, simply clickhere.

A dog backpack from miiBuddy

If your dog is too big for a dog backpack but still susceptible to the cold, you can opt for a leash so that you don’t have to worry about them getting lost. ArtemisPaw’s dog leash is hands-free in order for you to go handless without the hassle. Thus, the product is very high-quality and features a reflective bungee, heavy duty belt buckle and very durable clasp. To know more about the hands-free leash, simply clickhere.

miiBuddy hands free leash being used

Warm and Safe this Winter Season

Whatever the temperature may be, as pet owners, we need to always maintain our dog’s security and overall health. This winter season however, we need to be always careful and watchful to our furry pals, especially in keeping your dog warm. If your pet is showing signs of hypothermia or frostbite, contact your veterinarian immediately. Symptoms include shivering, anxiety, weakness, inactivity or sluggishness, ice on their body and cold ears and tail tips.

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