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The training process is oftentimes the scariest phase a dog owner has to go through because some things may not work out as planned, they may even be ineffective. With the proper briefing, type of training, and information, things can go well and smoothly. Luckily, Artemispaw offers an ebook that comes with a special surprise--a dog clicker. Artemispaw’s ebook is all about dog obedience training at home, teaching you how to do dog training like a pro using the method of positive reinforcement. In this article, we will give you a glimpse into what to expect in the ebook and why you should purchase one in order to ensure a successful training at home.




Most owners think that training is only performed by professionals. It is true to some extent when we talk about the type of reinforcements but as a dog parent, you should also be their first teacher. Training doesn’t necessarily mean that you need obstacle courses and fancy equipment. You just need time, patience, enough knowledge from experts, treats and a clicker. We encourage dog owners like you to use the positive reinforcement method considering that it’s 100% safe, vet-approved and appropriate for all breeds and ages. Moreover, it’s fun and it brings the two of you closer together which builds a healthy relationship that can make your pet trust you even more. Hence, they will listen to your commands better. Remember, a positive approach reaps positive rewards--not just for your dog but also you as an owner. Your dog will grow up to be more obedient, loving, and friendly. Meanwhile, as an owner, your frustrations will be a lot less and you’ll be a happier dog owner.


What is Positive Reinforcement Training?




Positive Reinforcement is the most common and recommended way of training animals, not just dogs. The way it works is that you train your pet and once they do something right, a reward comes in, most usually in the form of food. However, you can also use other forms of rewards such as vocal praises and “life rewards” like playing with their stomach, hugging them, rubbing their head as signs of indicating to them that they did a great job. This method basically teaches your dog that if they do something great, great rewards come as well. However, as time goes by, you ought to reduce the treats in order to teach them that they should do good things not for the treats, but because it’s the right thing to do. And, that’s how clicker training works.


What is Clicker Training?




This type of positive reinforcement training requires a handheld clicker device that produces a “click” sound when pressed. This device is used during training in order to replace the “signal markers” or certain words, sounds, or phrases that you say when your dog follows your commands and instructions. This allows you to have smooth-sailing training and efficient communication throughout the whole process. Dogs have short attention-spans so it would be ideal to do everything as efficiently as possible. Applying this principle will also allow you to perform dog training like a pro without too much frustrations on your part.


Why Clicker Training Works:

Clickers and signal markers are two similar ways of indicating to your dog that they’ve done a great job but despite their similarity, they have a major difference. First, the “click” sound is distinct, precise, and unmistakable. It’s only used during the training process and it shouldn’t be used anywhere else. On the other hand, signal markers can get very confusing for them. We use signal markers like “great job,” “very good,” and “high five” everyday at almost any occasion that they please us. Moreover, clickers are more practical time-wise. The device produces the sound immediately after your dog demonstrates the behavior once you click the device.

The Science Behind Clicker Training:

Clicker training is mainly derived from psychologist B.F. Skinner’s Operant Conditioning theory. Operant Conditioning occurs when a behavior is being modified through the use of positive and negative punishments. However, clicker training only uses positive rewards as a consequence for doing the correct or desired behavior.



Artemispaw’s Dog Obedience Training at Home ebook comes with aFREE CLICKER TRAINING DEVICE that can help you apply the things that you’ll learn from the ebook. Clicker training allows you to perform dog training like a pro with just a simple learning tool, a few treats, patience, and time.

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