Pros and Cons of Water Bottles For Dogs

Pros and Cons of Water Bottles For Dogs

Training a puppy is an absolute necessity if you want a companion that is well-behaved and can be relied on during any situation. For some people, dogs are a lifetime partner; which is why training them to be able to follow commands is necessary. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of water bottles for dogs and why you should use them for training your puppy.  When you get a puppy or a kitten, training them to drink water is something to take seriously. Here are the pros and cons of water bottles for dogs.



What Is The Use Of Dog Water Bottles:  

One of the easiest ways to train puppies to drink water while they’re young is through dog water bottles. While some people may opt to use water bowls or collapsible bowls, it can be messy if your puppy doesn’t know how to drink water just yet. If you’re raising a two-month-old puppy, you might find it easier to transition them from their mother’s teat to a water bottle.

The nice thing about using dog water bottles is that the metal ball bearing prevents any water from being spilled as water only comes out when it is licked. The ball bearing serves as a valve that acts as a vacuum system and dispenses water to your thirsty puppy.

An example of a company that provides excellent water bottles for dogs is ArtemisPaw, they come in a variety of colors, and you can choose one that resonates with you and your pup.


Pros and Cons of Water Bottles For Dogs:





  1. You can use them to train your dog to drink water: Training your puppy to drink water is an important skill because some dogs can develop urinary tract infections if they don’t drink water regularly.

  2. They’re easy to take around walks: If you’re the type of person who enjoys long walks, water bottles are easier to bring around when you go for a hike with your dog. They’re also easy to refill in water fountains if you need more water for your dog.

  3. They don’t take up as much space: Water dishes are easier to manage but when you need to store them, they often take up a lot of space. Water bottles are easy to store and can be put away in shelves if needed. 

  4. They don’t leak: The ball bearing design of the water bottle prevents leaks from happening because your pet needs to lick the metal ball to release water from the bottle. The cap is designed to keep the water in and the metal ball acts as a vacuum system and prevents water from coming out or leaking out.

  5. They last long: If your dog chews or has a habit of chewing on water bowls, they will have a difficult time ruining a water bottle because most of them are made out of plastic or metal. As long as you clean the bottle regularly, it can last up to 2 years and even longer if you use glass bottles.


  1. They can shatter: If you’re using a glass or plastic bottle, it’s important to note that these aren’t the most sturdy material. Glass can shatter if you don’t pack it properly, or if you use it incorrectly.

  2. Not easily accessible: Unlike water bowls, you need to refill the water bottle constantly. This is not ideal if you have very thirsty dogs, which is why you should transition them to water bowls when they are older. Dogs that don’t drink water regularly can develop urinary tract infections if they don’t have access to water.

  3. They can be expensive: Some brands that offer water bottles for dogs price their water bottles high if they use shatter-proof materials. The price can vary depending on what brand you purchase, the size of the bottle, and where you buy it from. Companies like ArtemisPaw offer affordable water bottles that come in a variety of sizes.

  4. Can cause neck strain: According to some medical experts, dogs should not get used to drinking water with their head tilted because this can cause strain to their neck and result in further injuries. Experts suggest transitioning a dog from a water bottle to a water bowl, unless you’re taking them out for an adventure.

  5. They can be heavy: When going for a long walk, lugging around a water bottle for your dog is extra weight for you and can cause personal strain if you happen to be on a long journey. Water bowls may be harder to stack, but they don’t weigh as much when they’re empty.





Taking your dog on an adventure is a fun activity if you both like to live an active lifestyle; which is why it’s important to be prepared. Here are some
pros and cons of water bottles for dogs, and why you should consider purchasing from ArtemisPaw if you want to invest in a water bottle for your furry best friend.

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