The hiking essentials that every dog owner should have

The hiking essentials that every dog owner should have

Dogs are always a source of joy to the owner. They are faithful buddies that will always make you happy. But, this will also depend on the care and safety you give the dog. You have to make it physically fit and healthy for you to enjoy its company. This will call for you to brainstorm about perfect ideas to nurture your friend.


One of the best ways is to organize outings and hiking adventures, to the hills, summits, and explore trails. Doing this with your furry pet will allow you to interact with them as you enjoy nature at the same time. Hikes are also awesome for giving your dog the necessary survival tactics. This is good to keep them fit and also to prepare them for amazing runs in the future.

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To get you ready for an amazing hike like a champion, there are things you should know. You need to have tips for you and the pet so this article is about those tips and also the hiking essentials you need to have.

Preparing to go out for a hike

To have an amazing hike you need to prepare well. This starts from preparing your dog to getting hiking gear and other essentials. This is convenient for your dog, the people you shall meet on the trail, their dogs, and yourself. Talk of a leash to control your dog's behaviors, a collar to make the dog obedient, etc.

You also want to ensure that during the adventure your pet is safe and it can access food and water. How about the cold nights? For this, you want to ensure he/she is comfortable and warm. That's why you need to prepare and pack the hiking essentials you need.




Remember, this is not a punishment for your doggy, it's a treat. The dog should, therefore, be comfy throughout.

After preparing everything, you need to counter-check and ensure all is set. If you will have to unpack the items to be sure, then do it. The best recommendation is to prepare a checklist and cross out each item until the last one on the list.


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The 8 hiking essentials you need to have

If it’s your first time going for a hike with your dog, it can be challenging to know the essentials you need, and if it’s not your first, you might have forgotten some necessities. Here are the top essentials to help you get an idea of what you need.

  1. Carry a dog leash

    Dog-standing-on rock

    When going for any hike, always carry your leash. Maybe your dog is friendly with people, not all the dogs you encounter will, plus not everyone likes dogs, this is why you need to ensure your dog’s safety. A leash will help to keep your dog close whenever you come near another dog or other hikers. That's a good etiquette and shows that you care for others. You can check out these convenient dog leashes.

  2. A collar with GPS Tracking


    To keep track of your dog's movements, you need a collar with GPS tracking. This is necessary so that you can monitor the dog. With a collar, you can also enable some settings that will give you push notifications anytime your dog goes out of a specified range. There are many collars you can choose, but ensure whichever you choose has GPS tracking capability, and then you can carry out the configurations.

  3. A dog Jacket for hiking


    Whether it's summer or the winter, you will have to think of providing proper clothing to keep your dog warm. You need to think of a jacket for the cold winter season. If it's during the summer, you can never be sure that all nights will be warm. Remember, prevention is better than a cure. Ensure you carry a jacket for your dog, here is a recommendation of the dog jacket to choose.

  4. Portable dog water bottle



    You need to provide your pet with clean water. A dog can be prone to infections caused by water contamination. This is why you need to consider carrying a portable water bottle. Whenever it needs water, you can use it. Portable bottles are good for carrying around water and they last longer.

  5. A portable & collapsible dog bowl


    A dog bowl is a crucial hiking necessity you have to carry, but, at the same time, you want to save on space. This is why a portable and collapsible bowl is a perfect choice. This bowl is minimalistic in order to save space and also lightweight. It is convenient to use when feeding your dog and you can also use it to give the dog water from its bottle.

  6. A dog Backpack



    The back dog backpack is a great item to carry. A good backpack should be comfortable with a supportive harness and have a secure leash clip. The size of the bag should be enough for the pup, therefore it’s important that you choose a convenient backpack. This will help reduce your luggage. Moreover, ensure the backpack is water-resistant to keep the contents dry when moving through a river. You can look at this water-proof backpack.

  7. A first aid kit for quick response to injuries


    A first aid kit is always timely and one of the most important hiking essentials. Many first aid kits come with several tools for quick response to emergencies. But, this might not be enough. You will need to add a couple of items. You can improvise your first aid kit and let it serve you and your dog. In such a case, ensure you label every item inside.

  8. Some pairs of rugged boots

    Your dog needs boots to protect its paws. Many hiking terrains will have sharp items that can cut your dog’s paws. Yes, you can try avoiding such routes, but you can never tell where that one sharp object will be. That's why when you fit your dog with boots, you are 100% sure the dog is safe. Then, also cover the small wounds on your dog to avoid worsening the case.

Other items you can consider carrying

  • A waste bag
  • A sizeable tent and beddings
  • Adequate food and treats
  • Source of fire (To warm water and food)

You can add to the list any other thing you will find convenient for your dog or your personal needs.

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Final Remarks

Preparing and going out for a hike is a great activity to rejuvenate your dog in order to explore and enjoy the woods, the sloppy hills, and the breeze in the forest. That's why you need to do it professionally. The above items are the hiking essentials you will need to ensure you enjoy the hikes.


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