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Leashes are the most common yet very important accessory for your dog. They serve multiple purposes, but these are usually used to keep your furry buddy safe and contained especially in public places. Moreover, they can also be used as a training aid in order to make your dog well-mannered and disciplined. Many dog owners underestimate leashes so in this article, we will discuss why this accessory is a must-have by giving you the importance of having a dog leash.



Leashes are used for plenty of good reasons. Most places have leash laws which usually require your dog to be contained on a leash at all times when they’re on public property. The purpose of this law is to keep your dog and the public protected and safe from any harm. Using a leash will not only benefit your dog but also you and everyone else around you.


In our previous blog posts, we’ve discussed that the real nature of dogs is to explore and they are always bewildered by their environment. However, walking on a leash is an obligatory skill every dog must learn. Usually, leash training should begin atfour to six weeks old.If your furry pal is older than that, worry not because they can still be trained--it just requires more practice and patience.

It is inevitable for pups of any age to be uncomfortable with leashes at first. But, they’ll get comfortable over time, as long as you consistently train them to be on a leash. Take note that you shouldn’t train them with force, threat, or intimidation. There will come a time that wearing a leash would be comfortable to them through proper positive reinforcement training. Thus, it is also important to remember that you should NEVER use a leash (or any object at all) to hit them because it will affect them emotionally, hence making them traumatized whenever they see a leash.


The Power of Leashes: Why it is important to have one as a dog owner



  1. It makes your life easier as a pet owner:

    Life as a pet owner is never easy, it’s like having a child that you need to take care of. Leashes, when used properly, can be effective tools for training so that unwanted behaviors will be diminished. Moreover, this will make them well-behaved and polite inside and outside your home. Unwanted behaviors aren’t the only things that can be diminished with a leash--unwanted, awkward situations can also be avoided, especially in public places if your dog is contained on a leash.

  2. In compliance with leash regulations:
    Being outside your property requires your furry companion to be on a leash in most states and countries. Walking around the neighborhood? Visiting a state park? Traveling? Keep your dog on a leash. Leash policies and regulations will work to your advantage as they are required to keep you and your furry buddy away from unwanted accidents and other awful situations. 



  3. It keeps your dog from health risks and diseases:
    Whenever you’re outside with your pet, having them on a leash as you walk can also mitigate the spread of certain diseases. Moreover, it reduces the chances of your dog getting Canine parvovirus (Parvo) or a potentially deadly gastrointestinal infectious disease. Another common disease that your dog can possibly acquire when unleashed is Canine distemper (Distemper), a very infectious disease that attacks the respiratory system of your dog.


  4. Stress-free and enjoyable outside escapade:
    Traveling with your loyal furry pal anywhere should be an enjoyable and relaxing activity. Going outside with them and unleashed is a frustrating event because the worst case scenarios can happen any time at any any place. Accidents could’ve been avoided if you’ve taken the safety precautions in the first place. So, always remember the saying that prevention is better than cure.


  5. Avoids the risk of your dog getting lost:
    There is a saying that goes, “a single lost dog is one too many.” Surely, no one wants to have their dog/s get lost. It is one of the most frustrating things to happen in public. There are many dogs out there, so it is quite hard to find your dog especially in areas unknown. According to the statistics of the American Humane Association, roughly 10 million dogs get lost each year and only 14% of them are found. One way to avoid this? Keeping your dog on a leash.



Key Takeaways

Always remember that a well-mannered, leash trained, and obedient dog is a positive reflection of its owner. If you do not want any conflicts with your neighbor and other people around you due to unwanted dog behaviors, then you better leash them. Leash training is never easy, but the positive results that you and your dog will gain from it will make all the spent time and effort worth it. Moreover, keep in mind that a safe dog is a happy dog. So, what’s one way of keeping them safe? By having them contained on a leash, especially in public areas. Finding the ideal dog leash for your beloved furry pal? Check out ArtemisPaw’s hands-free dog leash if you want to start leash training them to see the power of leashes.

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