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The cold season especially during the winter can be a rough experience to your dog. It will even hinder those fun walks and jogging sessions that you do during pre-winter seasons. But do you know that you can still enjoy those outdoor activities without risking your dog’s ideal internal temperature? All you need is a comfortable, waterproof, and easy-to-clean dog jacket.


A dog jacket comes in handy when trying to ensure your dog is warm throughout the winter period. The jacket is not only useful during cold weather and winter seasons, but also during the times when your dog needs warmth. Hence the reason why you need to choose a multipurpose jacket suitable for your dog’s needs.

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In this article, we are going to look at the important guidelines to consider when buying a  dog jacket. Then we will show you the best jacket for your furry buddy. A jacket that meets all the features that will suit your taste and your dog’s needs.

Features to look for when choosing the best jacket

In order to determine the suitable jacket for your pet, you need to make sure that the product has the key features it should have. That’s why you need to pay attention to details when buying, to ensure that your money won’t go to waste. This can be a tricky process if you have never bought any dog jackets before. But don't worry we have got a list of features that you should look out for.


Water-resistant Feature

A good dog jacket should be fitted with proper water resistance. This will ensure that your dog won’t feel cold outside, especially when it’s snowing or raining. To check whether a jacket is water-proof always look at the materials used to make it. This material should not absorb water such as nylon, etc.

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Why comfort? Like any other pet owner, your dog’s comfort should be a priority at all times. You do not want it to be barking every time. That is why you will need to choose a jacket with maximum comfort. Doing this is quite simple, just ensure that the jacket perfectly fits on your dog and that the insides are made of soft materials.

The Size

Size is always an important aspect when choosing any dog accessory because you don't want to choose an oversized or undersized product for your dog. Hence, when choosing a jacket for your pet, check the measurements. The good thing is that all coats have different sizes and this is usually indicated on the tag. This can be small, medium, large, or extra-large. To ensure that the jacket perfectly fits your dog, check their overall measurements from head to tail with the help of a tape measure.

Adjustable Elastic Straps

An elastic strap is an important component in a jacket that ensures the jacket fits on to the dog. Most coats will have this feature, but there are others without it. You should therefore be careful and ensure that you choose the one that has an adjustable strap. With an adjustable feature like such, you will be assured that the coat will fit your pet without compromising their comfort as some jackets tend to hurt dogs because their skin gets zipped by the jacket.


Safety features are vital for this accessory, and the more these features are included the safer your pet will be. It will, therefore, be a good decision when you choose a jacket with appropriate safety measures. A good example is ensuring it has reflective elements that will ensure that it can be seen when it’s walking in the dark.



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The Best Dog Jacket for your dog

The ultimate coat you choose for your dog should be enhanced with the above features. This will ensure great outdoor activities during the winter season and cold days. With the many brands currently available in the market, here is one product by ArtemisPaw that has stood out to be the best.You can check out its features here.

This ArtemisPaw Winter Jacket is designed with the needs of the dog. The jacket comes with an amazing waterproof feature that keeps the jacket dry at all times. Thus, you will not worry when it starts drizzling when you are still out. It also has a reflective element that guarantees safety in the dark.

Moreover, the inside is fitted with thick cotton that makes it comfortable at all times. This also gives it warmth. Thus, to avoid inconveniences when putting on the coat, a zipper is included. Furthermore, the dog's skin and fur will never be zipped because of the protective guard included. Another amazing feature is that the jacket comes in seven different sizes which gives you a wide range of options.



Safety measures for your dog in the cold

As you get yourself and the house ready for the winter seasons, don't forget to make your dog ready to cope with the challenges that come with the season. If it's buying some accessories do it earlier to avoid the last minute rush. Let this great four-legged pet also be prepared.  Here are some tips you can use to protect it.

  1. Ensure the dog is wearing a ArtemisPaw Winter Jacket at all times.

  2. Provide a comfy and warm place to sleep. You will have to add more       sheets than the usual ones used during non-winter seasons.

  3. Never allow the dog to be near a heater without supervision to avoid injuries.

  4. Do not keep the dog for long in cold and freezing temperatures.


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As a caring pet owner, your dog's safety and health should be a priority. When the wet and cold seasons come, prepare the house and the dog well, to keep it warm and healthy. You may want to get the best jacket available. This is to ensure you can also make some frequent hike sessions in the woods. Plus, the most important reason of all, to take care of your pet so that it is safe and in case of any illness take the necessary measure. In the meantime prevention is better than cure.

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