What Should I Look for in a Dog Jacket?

What Should I Look for in a Dog Jacket?

When winter is right around the corner, all of us get ready to buy winter clothes to feel warm and comfortable. But, most of us forget about our furry friends and their needs during winter. As you are here reading this guide, you know you must look after your dog and you have come across the question of what should I look for in a dog jacket? To answer this question, we have put together this whole guide in which we have explained everything that you need to know when buying a winter dog jacket. Let’s dive in.




Looking after your dog is your responsibility as an owner. So, when you ask yourself what should I look for in a dog jacket? There are certain other series of questions that you should ask yourself first. There are many fluffy and furry dogs for whom staying warm during winter is not an issue and there are many other dogs who are not so furry and it gets difficult and uneasy for them during winter. They are the primary aim of dog jackets. You should analyze your dog and see if they are short-haired or tiny dogs, if they have a weak immune system or if your dog is old or a puppy. If your dog lies under any of the above categories, they are in dire need of a winter dog jacket. The jacket will keep them healthier and it’ll keep the dogs warm and cozier. On the other hand, if your dog has a lot of thick fur, they can keep themselves warm throughout the winter without the jacket. The following tips and suggestions will help you buy the perfect dog jacket. Take a look.


Measure Your Dog

There’s no point in buying a dog jacket that does not fit your dog. So, before you go ahead and buy one, it’s wise to measure your dog first and analyze the dog’s anatomy. A fit dog jacket will give a snugly and comfortable feel to your dog. Start the measuring from the shoulder blades to the tail. Measure the fattest part of your dog’s chest and also measure the narrowest part of his/her waist, to make sure that your dog fits in a jacket comfortably. Don’t forget about measuring the neck area.

It’s quite crucial that you take measuring seriously. There should not be an excuse. If you don’t have a measuring tape, you can always use a string to measure your dog. Later, you can use a ruler to measure the string and find out the size. If even the ruler is not available, you can use a dollar bill that is about 6 inches long. Measuring with a dollar bill will give you a rough idea of the size. Don’t rely on small, medium, and large categories, they vary from company to company. An exact measurement is very necessary.



Check out the Material and Design First

When it comes to winter dog jackets, there are few things to consider about the material of the jacket. Now, due to the pandemic situation, you may have to buy the jacket online. So, make sure that the company has given every single detail about the product.

The first and the most important feature for a dog jacket to have is to be water-resistant and have a waterproof surface. It should have thick cotton inside to keep your dog warm and comfortable along with the comfortable and breathable mesh lining. The dog jacket should be durable and ultra-light. Try and get a dog jacket featuring reflective elements, it’ll keep them safe at night.

It’s quite important that there is a zipper on the dog jacket for easy wearing. But, there should also be a protective guard along with the zipper or else your dog may get hurt. Their fur or skin could be zipped accidentally. Your dog should be able to move freely, so look for jackets that have adjustable elastic straps around the abdomen area.




Jacket Should Be Washable

Your dog will find many ways to get the jacket dirty and it can be dangerous for your dog. You have to make sure that the jacket is washable and reusable. If you have to wash it with your own hands, you can do that, no problem. But, just to make it easier on your side, it’s wise to choose a jacket that you can drop in the washing machine.


Always check the Return Policy

There’s a possibility that the jacket is not wearable for your dog, the material is not good or many other factors you may not have considered. Make sure that the company’s product is returnable. There are many online stores that don’t have a return or exchange policy. Most of the time, people end up losing their money.


The Jacket should Fit

Despite all the measurements that you’ve made earlier, there’s always a chance that you may miss something or make some mistake. So, when the jacket arrives, make sure that it fits your fog. See if the jacket gives a snugly feeling to your dog. There should be no large gaps or tightness. Just make sure that your dog can play and move around freely.


Key Takeaways

With a little planning and study, you can easily purchase the right warm winter coat for your dog to keep him warm this winter. All you need to do now is protect your dog's paws from the cold, and you and your dog should be able to enjoy the full pleasures of winter together. A dog jacket simply makes sense some of the time. Pay attention to what your dog is saying to you, they could be too cold to go on a winter stroll without some extra protection. Learn their instinct, perhaps a cozy dog jacket is precisely what they need to stay secure and comfortable.

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