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A Guide on Choosing the Right Dog Backpack for Your Next Getaway Adventure

PICTURE THIS:You’re a parent of a cute Spaniel dog and you love to do adventures on the outside world so you hate being apart from one another. There is a solution to that and that is owning a dog backpack. Read this article to find out more! 

A person has a backpack with a labrador dog inside. They are going to hike on a mountain.

One of the best things in life is travelling with your beloved pet. During your special getaway with your four-legged best friend, their safety should be one of your top priorities; and you don’t want to leave them either as you wander around the beauty of nature. Having a leash is very important since you don’t want your pet to get lost. You should also want to make them  comfortable when they start to feel tired so having adog backpackis also essential. 

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SAFETY TIP: We don’t recommend the use of regular backpacks, handbags, and purses since they don’t have the certain features required in order for your canine friend to get comfortable.

There are certain factors that you need to consider before buying adog backpack. If you’re having a hard time to decide which one is perfect for your furry buddy, continue reading this article because we got you covered!

What are Dog Backpacks and is it important to have one?

Dog Backpacks are specially designed for dogs and are meant to be carried by the owner at the back. There are plenty of styles to choose from, varying from the type of activity you are planning to venture on. One of the main features of these backpacks is that they allow you to move as freely as possible while keeping your dog safe, secure, comfortable, as well as easily accessible for you. All that travel and adventure comes with a need to keep your dog safe while en route.  

You wouldn’t know that you and your dog need one until you have one. Dog Backpacks are highly recommended to active owners who like to hike, bike, etc. They’re also ideal for those who do everyday outdoor errands such as grocery shopping and going to the laundromat. They’re also very handy whenever you ride public transportation. Moreover, carriers are recommended to owners who have dogs who cannot walk for a very long time, especially during hiking trips.

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Types of Dog Backpacks:

There are wide varieties of dog carriers out there. Selecting the type of backpack that you want for your dog is very crucial since the comfort of your dog is at stake. Here are some of the 

Bestdog backpack carriers that you might want to consider buying:

  1. Closed Backpack Carrier - these carriers are suited for circumstances when your dog is needed to stay in a carrier such as airplane rides, public transportation, grocery shopping, etc. These carriers are closed on all sides and usually have a mesh for your pet’s ventilation. 

  2. “Heads Out” Backpack Carrier - these carriers are suited for any circumstances and the main feature of this dog backpack is that they’re soft yet very sturdy carriers with a wide hole in the top center so that your dog’s head has his head sticking out.
miiBuddy Dog Backpack - Color Black
ArtemisPaw’s Dog Backpack

ArtemisPaw’s “Head’s Out” Carrier is made out of high quality materials that is safe and secure for your dog without compromising his comfortability. Moreover, they’re also easy to wear and won’t provide discomfort on your part. There are  pockets on both sides so you can store things like water bottles, toys, and treats.

To suit your preferences and dog’s comfort, you can customize the color and the size of the dog backpack. Make sure to properly measure your dog’s height and weight before making a purchase. To know more about the product, simply click here. 
3. “Legs Out” Backpack Carrier - this type of carrier allows you to freely interact with your dog during your hiking activity, etc. It has four holes intended for the legs of your pet. It’s easy to place in and out your dog with this carrier. It is also secure, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out. One of the con of this carrier however is that it could make some dogs uncomfortable in such a “hanging” position for a long period.

Guidelines on Choosing the Right Dog Backpack:

A white Dog inside of a backpack carried by a human on a mountain


  1. Consider the activity that you’re planning to do with your dog:

    Before purchasing a dog backpack, ask yourself what you are using the dog backpack for. If you’re going to do urban activities such as going to the mall, you might want a dog backpack that is lightweight but comfortable for your pup.

  2. Your dog’s measurement is very important:

    This is the most important thing that you need to consider especially if you don’t want to compromise their comfort and security. You need to buy a dog backpack that is appropriate or your dog’s height and weight. The backpack should be large enough for your dog to “stretch out” every once in a while.

  3. Sturdiness and Security:

    Don’t settle for cheap, low-quality dog backpacks as they can put your dog’s safety at risk. Make sure that the sides and the bottom are steady enough to carry your dog. Moreover, choosing high-quality backpacks give you the assurance that you can reuse the backpack for your next activity/adventure.

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Key Insights

Choosing the rightdog backpack is very important knowing that your dog’s safety is a top priority. We hope that you take these tips and guidelines into consideration before purchasing a dog backpack for your furry pal. If you wanna learn more about dog backpacks, simply clickhere. 

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