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Floral Elegance: Custom-Engraved Dog Collar with ID Tag

Floral Elegance: Custom-Engraved Dog Collar with ID Tag

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A Symphony of Craftsmanship & Comfort
Let your beloved pet's individuality shine with our Floral Elegance Collar, where timeless design meets personalized touch.

Delve into the world of unmatched elegance with our Floral Elegance Dog Collar. Melding the essence of luxury with utmost functionality, this collar stands as a testament to love and care for your furry friend.

The alluring floral motif radiates sophistication, offering a vivid play of colors tailored to resonate with your pet's unique aura. Choose from a vibrant palette to either harmonize with their coat or make a striking statement. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the high-quality nylon ensures resilience, enduring all of life's adventures, big or small.

Adjustability is central to our design philosophy. With a secure buckle, we promise a snug fit, ensuring both comfort and safety, without hindering their zestful play or peaceful rest. In addition, the engraved ID tag is not just an embellishment; it's your peace of mind, ensuring your pet always finds its way back to you.

Effortless Maintenance
Maintaining its pristine beauty is as simple as a gentle wipe or a quick hand wash. Celebrate every moment with your pet in style, assuring them both safety and comfort.


  • Chic removable flower design
  • S-small: Adjustable 20-30 cm / 8-12 in, 1.5 cm / 0.60 in width
  • M-medium: Adjustable 29-43 cm / 12-17 in, 2 cm / 0.80 in width
  • L-large: Adjustable 39-60 cm / 15.50-23.50 in, 2.5 cm / 1.0 in width


Embrace the enchanting blend of beauty and functionality with the Floral Elegance Collar. Where every detail speaks of your undying love for your pet.

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