Safety Seat Belt for Dogs

Safety Seat Belt for Dogs

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 We all know that most of the time it is not really safe for you and your dog to travel in the car without a box or a car safety belt.  

Many dog owners do not have the space for a transport box or decide against it because they need the trunk for luggage. A good alternative here are our adjustable car safety belt.


👉🏻 Safe: Safe car rides for you and your dog.

👉🏻 Easy to use: Simply clip one end of the seatbelt onto your pet's harness. Secure the other end into a seatbelt slot like you would a regular seatbelt.

👉🏻 High Quality: Comfortable, Durable & Handmade for longer Lifetime.

👉🏻 Adjustable length: Enough room for your dog to comfortably sit, lay down, or stand.


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